AMICOS North America

Join us for three exhilarating and fun-filled days!

In a remarkable celebration of heritage and camaraderie, the Association of Mar Ivanos College Old Students in North America (AMICOSNA) is gearing up to host its grand reunion and convention, marking the 75th anniversary of Mar Ivanos College (MIC), Trivandrum. This event, spanning from October 11th to 13th, 2024, at the Hilton Garden Inn Dallas/Duncanville in Texas, is set to be a confluence of nostalgia, networking, and cultural celebration.

AMICOS, short for the Association of Mar Ivanios College Old Students, was formed in 1979 by alumni of Mar Ivanios College in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Its mission is to maintain a strong connection between alumni and their alma mater, while supporting the college’s educational, cultural, and social initiatives.

With members worldwide engaged in various professions, AMICOS organizes reunions, seminars, cultural events, and more. It also offers scholarships and financial aid to current students and staff. Embracing the college’s motto, “Veritas Vos Liberabit” (“The Truth Shall Set You Free”), AMICOS upholds the values and ideals of the college, contributing to societal and national development.

Our Theme:"Beyond the Halls, Beyond the Years"

This theme captures the enduring bond and impact of our time at Mar Ivanios College. Here’s what it means:
Beyond the Halls: This part of the slogan reflects more than just the physical buildings of our college. It represents the journey, memories, and transformations we all went through. It’s about how our experiences at college have influenced our lives far outside those classroom walls.Beyond the Years: This speaks to how the friendships and connections we made during college have lasted far beyond our graduation. It highlights the lasting impact of these relationships, no matter how much time has passed.Collective Legacy: The theme as a whole celebrates the shared legacy we’ve built through Mar Ivanios College. It’s a reminder that we’re all part of the college’s story, contributing to its impact well beyond our time there.In short, “Beyond the Halls, Beyond the Years” is about celebrating our shared past, ongoing connections, and the collective mark we’ve made through our alma mater. It’s a call to honor those memories and look forward to how we continue to shape the college’s legacy together.

Our Vision

AMICOS in North America aims to build a strong community of alumni, friends, scholars, staff, and students. We plan to keep everyone updated through our publications and media, respect our shared values and concerns, and support the college with resources, leadership, expertise, and volunteering. We want to celebrate our community and the places that have shaped us. Our goal is to be creative, innovative, and keep our traditions alive, while also embracing new opportunities and perspectives.

Our Mission

  1. Encourage all Mar Ivanios College alumni to actively engage in the AMICOS North America community.
  2. Motivate alumni to attend events and volunteer.
  3. Create a dynamic alumni program that boosts interest in AMICOSNA.
  4. Foster a connection among alumni to stay involved with AMICOSNA.
  5. Contribute to the greatness of Mar Ivanios College.

10 Reasons Why YOU Should Attend the AMICOSNA 75th Anniversary Grand Reunion and Convention

  1. Celebrate Heritage: Honor the rich history and legacy of Mar Ivanios College during its milestone 75th anniversary.
  2. Reconnect with Alumni: Reunite with old classmates and faculty, reliving the cherished memories and creating new ones.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Expand your professional and personal networks with alumni from diverse fields across North America.
  4. Cultural Extravaganza: Immerse yourself in a vibrant showcase of cultural performances and artistic expressions that highlight our shared heritage.
  5. Inspiring Guest Speakers: Gain insights from esteemed speakers, including successful alumni and distinguished guests, who will share their journeys and experiences.
  6. Interactive Workshops and Seminars: Participate in engaging sessions designed to foster learning, innovation, and personal growth.
  7. Give Back: Learn about opportunities to contribute to the alma mater’s ongoing projects and initiatives, making a difference in the lives of current and future students.
  8. Luxurious Venue: Enjoy the top-notch facilities and hospitality of the Hilton Garden Inn Dallas/Duncanville, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay.
  9. Beyond Academics: Discover the broader impact of Mar Ivanios College on its alumni, highlighting achievements in various domains, including arts, sciences, and social service.
  10. A Gathering Like No Other: Be a part of an unprecedented assembly of MIC alumni in North America, marking a new chapter in the college’s illustrious history.

Join us for an unforgettable three-day convention filled with nostalgia, camaraderie, and celebration. This is your chance to be part of something truly special, an event that goes beyond the halls and years of Mar Ivanios College. RSVP now and be part of our legacy!

Revitalize Your Spirit in Just Three Days

  • Experience joy and laughter at “Chiri Arangu.”
  • Immerse yourself in nostalgic music beneath the trees.

Enriching Experiences

  • Engage with inspirational talks that bring back cherished memories.
  • Share your own memories and stories from the past.
  • Reignite old friendships and foster new connections with AMICOS members in North America and around the globe.

Entertainment and Joy

  • Unleash your talent at our Karaoke Night – Sing, Sing, Sing!
  • Embrace moments of laughter and joy.

Reconnect and Network

  • Meet and greet your former professors, principals, and Heads of Departments.
  • Connect with AMICOS members who have made significant contributions and achievements.
  • Dance alongside Jassy Gift and his group for a night of rhythmic joy.

Special Highlights

  • Enjoy musical interludes with Reju Joseph during “Music Memoirs.”
  • Dance alongside Jassy Gift and his group for a night of rhythmic joy.
  • Interact with notable AMICOS figures visiting from India for an enriching experience.
  • Participate in “Drum Empowerment” sessions for an invigorating musical journey.
  • Discover the vibrant careers of our alumni during the “Colorful Profession.”

Experience the energy of the Dallas Cowboys Drumline, adding a dynamic performance to our gathering.

  • Join us for a three-day adventure that promises to rejuvenate your spirit, celebrate our shared heritage, and create lasting memories.