President's Message

Dear Fellow AMICOSians in North America,

Since its establishment in 2008, I’ve had the privilege of leading as President of this association. My role has been immensely enriched by the dedicated team of the board of directors, whose unwavering support and distinct skills have been invaluable to our organization.

AMICOS in North America, also known as AMICOSNA, is an alumni network of Mar Ivanios College, situated in Trivandrum, Kerala, India. Our esteemed institution was founded in 1949 by Most Rev. Geevarghese Mar Ivanios, the inaugural Archbishop of Trivandrum.

On the 11th of October, 2008, a group of kindred spirits and fellow Mar Ivanios alumni convened at India House Restaurant in Oakbrook, Illinois, to establish the AMICOSNA Chicago chapter. The founding meeting was inaugurated by our esteemed patron, the Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thomas, an Economics professor emeritus of Mar Ivanios College, along with three former professors of the English Department, Rev. Dr. P.T. Thomas, Rev. Dr. Ninan Tharakan, and Mrs. Carmel Thomas.

In addition to the Chicago branch, we are also proud to have several other chapters spanning various parts of North America. These include, but are not restricted to, New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Toronto (Canada), Dallas, and Houston. It is my earnest hope and wishes that we can arrange a reunion in a location agreeable to all in the near future, facilitating a convention where we can rekindle our connections and celebrate the distinctive culture instilled in us through our time at Mar Ivanios College.

As we move forward, our association continues to be dedicated to the mission of fostering connections between our alumni and our school. We aim to respect and preserve the traditions of the past while innovatively creating new ones, all while strengthening our efforts to build upon the solid history and foundation that we already have.


Sabu Thomas, BSEE, MSCE, MBA
AMICOS in North America – Chicago Chapter

I am elated to unveil the brand new website of the Association of Mar Ivanios College Old Students in North America (AMICOSNA). As the pioneer of this endeavor, it’s an honor I hold close to my heart. I am confident that this platform will offer all of us a more comprehensive understanding of the initiatives and responsibilities undertaken by AMICOSNA as a non-profit organization committed to societal welfare.

As the President of AMICOSNA – Chicago, I am grateful for the chance to serve the AMICOSNA community. My goal is to elevate our alumni organization to new heights, extending optimal support and service to the society that we are an integral part of.

As we look back on our journey spanning 12 years and contemplate the ongoing endeavors of our college, it’s vital that we consider how we can contribute to future generations. Many alumni are already engaged at various levels, donating their time, skills, and resources. Every single contribution, big or small, holds immense value. As alumni, we form an essential part of this institution’s fabric. Your support and participation remain as crucial as ever, particularly as we usher in a new chapter in our college’s history.

I eagerly anticipate working alongside all my friends and colleagues who are part of this fraternity, with the collective aim of making our world a better place to reside in.

The Two Most Influential People In My Life

This photo features Most Rev. Benedict Mar Gregorios, OIC, who was the inaugural Principal of Mar Ivanios College and served as the Patron for forty years (he’s also my uncle), pictured with one of his students, Mr. Varghese Thomas (who is my father), from the years 1950-1952.

My Inspiration

My Spiritual Guru

My Mentor

His Excellency Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thomas.

From the moment I had the pleasure of meeting Bishop Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thomas while he was serving as our bishop in the USA, he has been a source of immense blessing for both myself and my family. In my capacity as the president of the AMICOS chapter in Chicago, I’ve had numerous opportunities to collaborate closely with Bishop Mar Thomas. As our Patron for the Association of Mar Ivanios College Old Students (AMICOS) in North America, his influence has been transformative. His innate ability to inspire and uplift others to strive for their best is commendable. Bishop Mar Thomas’ unwavering belief in people and his keen eye for positioning individuals in roles where they can thrive are praiseworthy.

Bishop Mar Thomas is a beacon of excellence and an inspirational leader, leading with immense compassion and a generous heart. His prowess as a mentor, communicator, and organizer is exceptional, and his dedication to serving as a conduit for divine guidance is remarkable. I would be honored to work under his stewardship at any given time, for it is indeed a privilege to collaborate with him.

As a glimpse into Bishop Mar Thomas’ history with Mar Ivanios College: He was a pre-degree student from 1967-1970, and later served as a faculty member and Professor in the Economics Department from 1986-1996.